One of the first things to note about diet and weight loss is that it’s almost impossible to out work a bad diet.

Weight loss is more of a process of lifestyle modification than anything else and the way we eat is one of the most important parts of that weightloss process.

One of the most general rules for weightloss is that you want to be burning more calories in a day than your taking in.

Yes, we want to be at a caloric deficit, but the way we reach deficit for the day can affect our weight loss progress.



The biggest thing here is how your calories are composed throughout your day, and where those calories are coming from.

If the calories are coming from junk, you’ll be more likely to get junky weightloss results. You are what you eat.

There are certain nutrients and things that our bodies need to carry out normal healthy processes. Without the proper nutrition our bodies may not react in the way we expect even at a caloric deficit.

One of the problems you may run into is plateaus from your body being in survival mode. You’re body may think that you’re starving and end up holding on to as much fat as it can for protection.

Other problems you may have with weight loss and not eating is nutrient starvation. Not getting enough of a particular nutrient may leave body you starving for that one nutrient which could lead to binge eating and other problems.

You can also have an issue where you’re at a caloric deficit but your still eating a lot of junk food. In this case  you’d be loading your body with toxins. Your body may then want to hold on to the fat on order to prevent the toxins stored in your fat cells from being released.

Over all, trying to lose weight by starving yourself just isn’t the best way to go about it. It a bad habit that will just create problems in the end.

Taking the time out to go through behavior modification and creating healthier habits for yourself is the best way to see long term success with not only losing weight but maintaining a healthy weight over a lifetime.