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This is something that really depends on the person. There’s a lot of factors to consider in your individual approach to something like this.

The main thing to consider is your experience and skill levels. For people new to fitness you may be able to get away with doing both for a while. You can make gains in strength and burn fat for sure, but your fat loss may not come as well as you’d expect while focusing on both goals.

As you progress and gain more experience you will have to change your approach the more advanced you get. It’s better to pick one goal and focus on that one thing a few months at a time, especially the more experience you have with intense training.

As you build muscle, over time you have to adjust your training and eating habits in order to see continued muscle growth. And as you progress, the changes that you’ll need to make will be things that go against what’s needed for your fat loss.

A lot of fitness is a mind game, and having a clear intention and focus on 1 goal at a time will help you be more efficient in reaching your fitness goals.

When aiming for fat loss your approach to your training will be different than your approach to your training for muscle growth. You’ll be working on at lower intensities for higher reps than you would be for your muscle gains.

On top of that, it just takes time for your body to adapt to those changes in your training. Which is why you’d want to spend a few months at a time working on one thing.


There are also changes that would need to be made in your diet and how you fuel your body for muscle growth vs fat loss. More advanced lifters may need to consume more calories as for muscle growth as time goes on to see continued muscle growth. This is important for making sure the body has what it needs for repairing and building muscle tissue.

Overall, it’s just better to pick one thing and go hard at it for a while before going on to the next thing. It may be hard to do both at the same time but experience in one area will definitely help you go after the other.

One of the first things to note about diet and weight loss is that it’s almost impossible to out work a bad diet.

Weight loss is more of a process of lifestyle modification than anything else and the way we eat is one of the most important parts of that weightloss process.

One of the most general rules for weightloss is that you want to be burning more calories in a day than your taking in.

Yes, we want to be at a caloric deficit, but the way we reach deficit for the day can affect our weight loss progress.



The biggest thing here is how your calories are composed throughout your day, and where those calories are coming from.

If the calories are coming from junk, you’ll be more likely to get junky weightloss results. You are what you eat.

There are certain nutrients and things that our bodies need to carry out normal healthy processes. Without the proper nutrition our bodies may not react in the way we expect even at a caloric deficit.

One of the problems you may run into is plateaus from your body being in survival mode. You’re body may think that you’re starving and end up holding on to as much fat as it can for protection.

Other problems you may have with weight loss and not eating is nutrient starvation. Not getting enough of a particular nutrient may leave body you starving for that one nutrient which could lead to binge eating and other problems.

You can also have an issue where you’re at a caloric deficit but your still eating a lot of junk food. In this case  you’d be loading your body with toxins. Your body may then want to hold on to the fat on order to prevent the toxins stored in your fat cells from being released.

Over all, trying to lose weight by starving yourself just isn’t the best way to go about it. It a bad habit that will just create problems in the end.

Taking the time out to go through behavior modification and creating healthier habits for yourself is the best way to see long term success with not only losing weight but maintaining a healthy weight over a lifetime.


Flexibility is very important for our overall physical health. We need to be able to make sure we’re releasing all the tight muscles in our bodies so that we’re able to move through more complete ranges of motion.

Other than that, it just feels really good to be able to move without any restrictions. And the better your feel the more likely you’ll be to stay consistent with your workout.

Just because you’re doing daily walking, and using your lower body as your primary mover, you still need to have your spend time with your upper body flexibility. Most of our lifestyles cause us to have some tightness in our shoulders and neck. Some people also develop stiff backs and things as we age as well.

Like the lower body stretches, it would be great to do these static stretches after your walk so that your muscle are nice and warm. Getting that circulation and blood flow to your muscle helps your body benefit from the stretches.

Neck – One of the the most overlooked parts of our bodies in terms of our stretching is our neck. It’s actually becoming more important as things like tech neck are being talked about do to the positioning of our head as we use our phones and other devices.

You’ll need have a chair or something that you can hang onto for this one. You’ll need to hold on to the chair while stretching your head to the opposite shoulder.

Shoulder- Another place that gets tight and restricted are our shoulders. We want to fight our shoulders rounding over our chest as much as possible. It’s important for preventing injury, breathing properly and other things.

One good stretch for your shoulders can be done against almost any wall. You’ll start arms length away from the wall. You’ll have your hands in the Y position, then slowly drop your chest into the ground with your hands planted into the wall.

Pec- it will also be beneficial to to stretch your pecs. This goes along with the shoulders in helping to fight that rounded back posture.

You’ll start facing the wall with your arm up, bent 90* at the elbow. You’ll slowly turn your body away until you feel a stretch through your chest.

Again, you’ll want to hold theses stretches 30 – 45 seconds post workout. There are other stretches that can be added to your routine but these are really good basic stretches to get you started working on your flexibility.

Daily walking has many benefits to our bodies from helping to manage weight, disease prevention, and can even help improve your mood.

Hopefully you’re having fun getting outdoors, getting your steps in, and logging your miles. There’s also some feel good stretches and things that we can do along with our walking to help take your body to the next level.

Walking will help warm your muscle, leaving them more elastic so that your able to stretch through a better range of motion. This will help you get a overall better stretch as you lengthen the muscle you’ve been working and try to release other tight areas on your body.

Post workout is a great time to get some your static stretches in. There are a few places that tend to be tight on a lot of our bodies that will be a great point of attack going into our post workout stretching.

Try these stretches out holding for 30 – 45 seconds. As you hold your stretch you can ease yourself deeper into the stretch, just make sure not to force yourself past what your body will allow.

And BREATHE through your nose out your mouth.

Basic calf stretch using the wall for balance. One thing to watchout for with your calf stretch is to make sure that your heel isn’t pointing towards the inside of your body. Make sure your heel is pointing straight back in line with your knee.

Start arms length away from the wall, then place your toes as high as possible on the wall. Next while keeping the leg on the all straight drop your chest into the wall till you feel a stretch in the hamstrings and hold.

The next lower body stretch is for the hamstrings, you may get a little stretch through the glute with this one as well.

Start arms length away from the wall, then place your toes as high as possible on the wall. Next while keeping the leg on the all straight drop your chest into the wall till you feel a stretch in the hamstrings and hold.

The last lower body  can be done on a bench or the end if the bed if the ground is to uncomfortable.

You’ll have your weight supported on one knee while driving your hips forward. You’ll want to do this keeping your chest up, nice tall posture. And be sure not to to lunge too far forward.

You’re not looking to lunge forward as far as possible, your just driving your hips forward until you feel the stretch through the top of your hips and thigh area.

Don’t let any tightness get in the way of your next days walk, this is just a few of the ways we can fight against it. Flexibility is important, don’t neglect it, and take care of your body the best you can.