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*Individual results may differ from person to person

I started training with Roderick in order to get in better shape for my upcoming wedding. I have so far been training for a month and am having a great experience – and seeing good results. So far I have lost 3% body fat as well as a good number of pounds on the scale.*

Kelly B. - A+ Client

I worked with rod for 5 weeks. I’ve lost 23 pounds. The workouts are tailored to my needs. He knows how to motivate me to get the results. I can tell that he truly cares about my success. He’s doing a great job!*

Ashley T. - A+ Client

I worked with Roderick on strength training and quickly saw the results of his program. I gained 30lbs while maintaining the same body fat percentage and doubled the amount of weight I started lifting at the beginning of our program.*

Jesse L. - A+ Client

I think Roderick was very professional & knew what he was doing! I would highly recommend him!!!*

Cindy H. - A+ Client

He never lets u quit during a workout. He also doesn’t let u slack during a workout. I also like the fact that u can be personable with him and actually hold a conversation with him and have a good laugh even during a workout. I have definitely recommended him to friends and family.*

Barbara A. - A+ Client

I’ve been working with Roderick for a little over two months now, and it’s been great! He’s really good about designing a program for my specific needs and lifestyle. He also helps me to eat sensibly without starving myself and without feeling too restricted. In just a small amount of time I’ve already seen results!*

Kristin R. - A+ Client

Roderick is great! I’ve been working with him for about 2 months and have seen great results. I have definitely become a lot stronger since I started working with him. His workouts are great and he will push you to always do more. He is very encouraging and easy to work with.*

Brooke G. - A+ Client

Rod is motivated to help people get healthy. He takes his time and explains the correct form, what muscle groups are being used, etc. He Taylors everything related to the individual and gradually gets you to where you want to be. He even does a lot of the exercises right along within you. He is very personable and makes me feel comfortable when I am around him. He takes keen interest and text messages me quite often to see how I am feeling, to give me further instructions or information. To some it all up I feel like he cares about me and my health. I would highly recommend his services.*

Randy E. - A+ Client

This guy ROCKS!!! He is very motivating and has pushed me not only to reach my goals but to enjoy coming to workout!*

Katrina D. - A+ Client

About two weeks ago I started training with Roderick, and I am already noticing a change. My clothes are fitting better, and I have more energy. I know I have much more to work and improve on, but I know I will get where I want to be with Roderick as my trainer. You will never leave feeling like you didn’t workout hard enough. Roderick makes you work, but also educates and motivates along the way (proper form/explains what the target area is with that workout/etc). I highly recommend Roderick as a personal trainer!*

Courtney R. - A+ Client

So far I have almost 2 weeks with Roderick and he has been doing an amazing job for me. He is really professional and I never feel uncomfortable working out. He pushes you when you feel like giving up and it’s a great feeling knowing he’s there for you 100% of the way. I highly recommend Roderick I have always been on a on and off with working out and trying to get into shape but I believe this time I’m not giving up thanks to him!*

Maritza - A+ Client

Roderick is great! He has pushed me to do things I never thought i was capable of. He is more than a personal trainer. He is a coach and a friend. The workouts may be tough but I leave feeling great every day. I had self image issues before hiring a trainer and Roderick has always made me feel nothing but comfortable. I highly recommend, especially if your focus is weightloss.*

Jeremy H. - A+ Client

I’ve been working out under Roderick’s instruction for about three months and I have seen definite gains of 20+ pounds. Roderick has the right balance of pushing you hard enough to get through the workouts but not so hard in that you get discouraged. He really does tailor the workouts to suit your unique, specific needs. He’s also very personable and easy to talk to during workouts. I highly recommend him.*

Joel C. - A+ Client

I started with A+ Fitness in March 2015 and can tell you that Roderick is an AWESOME guy to work with! He tailors workouts to your specific goals and needs. He has encouraged me to push beyond what I ever thought I could do! As a woman in my late 40’s, working out doesn’t come as easy as it used to and Roderick not only makes it fun and challenging but also is quick to make great modifications when I need them. I did my homework when choosing a personal trainer and can tell you he’s the real deal, not only in fitness knowledge but in character as well. He has a true passion for what he does and it shows in the results he provides.*

Kelli W. - A+ Client

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