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    Look Great on Your Day!


    We have a wedding weight loss training program that is designed for you to reach your weight loss goals just on time before your wedding.


Wedding Weight Loss Training Program

Look great on your wedding day by teaming up with A+ Fitness LLC to take inches away from your waste while toning up your back and your arms.

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Feel confident walking down the aisle!

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At our center you are guaranteed to receive the best of the best personal training in Oklahoma City, OK.

Our experienced and reliable professionals specialize in helping brides to be, to look great and to feel confident on their wedding day.

You’ve planned this day in your mind for years. You’ve dreamed about your perfect dress and how you would look in that dress walking down the isle to greet your groom. A+ Fitness has created a training program that will help you to create that feeling of confidence on your special day. Our experienced team of professionals have created a well designed fitness program just for you. Not only do we help you with your customized plan, we are also available to meet with you regularly to help you keep track of your progress and to advise you concerning any adjustments that need to be made to your overall strategy.

A+ Fitness in Oklahoma City has all of the tools and expertise needed to help you meet your specific goals in no time!We pride ourselves on the personal support we provide to each and every one of our clients that leads them to succeed in permanent weight loss goals and management techniques.

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Get started fast with one of our unique, PersonalTraining Programs

I started training with Roderick in order to get in better shape for my upcoming wedding. I have so far been training for a month and am having a great experience – and seeing good results. So far I have lost 3% body fat as well as a good number of pounds on the scale.*

Kelly B. - A+ Client