When getting your body fat down, one of the last places to get rid of the fat is the lower stomach. It’s really hard to spot reduce fat in your lower belly but you can do exercises to help tone that area.

If you’re looking to get your abs to show, it’s gonna take more than doing sit-ups every day. At some point, you’ll have to get your body fat down. But you still want to make sure your developing all parts of your abs as you train throughout the week.

Target your lower abs!4 moves to help target your lower abs and help tone your lower belly. There’s more to abs than sit ups, mix these in to your help completely work your abs! #GetaPlusFit #TrainingDoneRight #ProperFormisEverything #ExpectaHigherstandard #Fitness #okc #Weightloss

Posted by A+ Fitness, LLC on Friday, January 11, 2019

These lower ab exercise will help you to tone your stomach as you get your fat down so that part of your abs are developed when your abs start to show.


When working your lower abs you want to keep your lower back flat on the the ground. This will keep you from doing the movement with the wrong muscles

Doing your leg raising with your lower back arched, you work muscle in your lower back more than your abs that you’re trying to target.

You’ll want to keep your back flat throughout the whole set even if that means not letting your feet touch the ground each rep.

If you’re having trouble doing your leg raises you can modify the exercise by putting your hands under your butt to help keep your back straight. You may also want to try starting out with bent knees until you develop more strength to do the exercises correctly.